Jo Halden


Ghost Fields

I live in North Shropshire and am a full time artist.


My main preoccupation is with humans in the landscape, as part of the landscape; and as part of the natural world which we increasingly observe, several steps removed, on our screened devices.


In particular I am interested in the marks we have made and continue to make on the landscape; the history of the marks and the way they develop and change, both for good and for ill.


I take commissions for a variety of subjects; animals, people, houses and gardens; and most recently a mural for a child's bedroom.


Currently I am following the construction of a new Long Barrow at Soulton Hall. I will be producing sketches and paintings inspired by this exciting project.


Please bear with me as I redevelop this website.

Ghost Fields   Watercolour 2018

Available as a card